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Bella Beauty School 


1420 Bluff Road.

Columbia, SC 29201

[email protected]

Laura Dowey

Owner and Instructor (Esthetics & Nails)

Bella Beauty School will be opening in December accepting new students. The first class will start on Monday January 3rd. The owner Laura Dowey, is from Columbia SC and found her passion in skincare when she became a Licensed Esthetician in 2014. She holds a license in Esthetics Instructor, Licensed Nail Technician and Licensed Nail Instructor.   Laura is passionate about skincare and teaching students to be the best they can be as an esthetician and nail technician. 

 Laura opened her own spa names Ciao Bella Facial and Body Spa immediately after her training in 2014. She has successfully built a clientele and ran her spa for over 7 years. She is passionate about teaching other estheticians they can be as successful as they want to be.

 "There is room for all of us in this field, be the best you can be, be passionate about what you do and you will succeed!"

 Laura Dowey

Jessica Cooley 

Esthetics Instructor

Jessica Cooley is an international award-winning Esthetician and Licensed Esthetics Instructor in Columbia, South Carolina. She is the owner of Layers: Skin Journey in Lexington, SC and the founder and CEO of Skin Wand Pro. Jessica holds multiple advanced certifications in the medical esthetics world. She started her journey as a military spouse and mom of 2 and never had the chance to follow her passion until the Cooley family was able to move to Prosperity, SC. Once out of advanced esthetics school, she enrolled in an oncology esthetics class that took her to Atlanta, GA. Jessica believes that, we as Estheticians, form bonds with the whole person and not just the surface of their skins. Jessica's credentials are unmatched! She is Oncology Esthetics trained and has been published in multiple beauty and lifestyle magazines for her work and expertise.